Weekly Bulletin 09/06/2015

A Brilliant Day for Year 3 at Butser

Year 3 enjoyed an exciting visit to Butser Ancient Farm, exploring similarities and differences between Celtic and Roman ways of life. We began our day in a rather smoky Celtic roundhouse and then had a go at weaving our own wattle and daub fences. Other activities included an archaeology session, where the children dug deep and uncovered all sorts of treasures. In the afternoon we had a look at a Roman village and made some mosaic artwork.

Mrs Nicholson

Pre-prep Healthy Eating Day

Last week the children in Pre-Pre held a 'Healthy Eating Day'. The importance of a healthy diet, exercise and lots of sleep was discussed and the children cooked and tasted some healthy recipes. These included, vegetable chips with dips, savoury muffins, different smoothies and a 'super salad' sandwich.

Year 2 conducted an experiment to find out how much sugar is in the different drinks they enjoy. At the end of the day the parents joined Pre-prep in the playground to sample some of the healthy drinks and snacks the children had made.

Year 2 Explore the Values of the Famous

Year 2's Class Assembly on the Values of Famous People was held in front of parents and the Prep School last week. The children in Year 2 had each chosen a famous person, found out some facts about them, written a poem about them and painted their picture. The children decided what values the famous people possessed that had helped make them so successful. All the children were very impressive but a special mention goes to George S for a fabulous job reciting his poem about Christopher Columbus and to Myles for he super portrait of Roald Dahl.

Mrs Macdonald

The Lady of Shalot

Year 6 children visited the picturesque riverside in Ewhurst, last week to enhance their understanding of the The Lady of Shalot. The pupils gathered by the riverside as they recited and discussed the poem.

Year 3's Unexpected Visitor

Year 3 were happily minding their own business, relaxing during a peaceful reading session on Tuesday when there was a sudden battering on the classroom door. To our astonishment, a rather fierce Roman legionary, by the name of Claudius Maximus entered, started spouting Latin at us and announced that he had come in search of new recruits for his legion. He showed us his weapons, examined our marching (He didn't seem overly-impressed with the standard of this.) and taught us about battle formations and the strength and might of the Roman Empire. Unfortunately, or perhaps fortunately, he concluded by declaring that we needed at least another year of refining our skills before he would consider enlisting our services.

Mrs Nicholson

Golfing Success for Jack

Well done to Jack in Year 10, and his father Paul, who won the Winter League Competition at Bramley Golf Club last weekend. The competition had been played since September - it started with an elimination phase where they played four matches (best three scores counted) for a total score and came second at that stage, missing the top spot by one point. This was followed a traditional knock out phase of the top 16 pairs from the elimination phase.

The final was played over 36 holes in match play format with a referee and spectators - Jack and Paul won 7 holes up, with 5 to play.

Mrs Brookes

Under 9 Rounders

The Under 9 team played their fist match on Wednesday. There was nervous excitement at the beginning of the game. Farlington batted first and scored four and a half rounders. There was some excellent fielding and some commendable bowling from Izzy, Amelie played very well as the backstop and the rest of the team worked well together. Duke of Kent School then batted and scored an encouraging seven rounders. Going
into the second innings confidently the team made a few slips and overall Farlington set a a target of eleven and a half. The second innings of Duke of Kent batting was a little worrying with a number of the team going out on the first ball. However, in an exciting final few balls Duke of Kent School narrowly took the lead and won by one rounder at the end of the game. Well done to all who played.

Cake Sale

The Prep School Council have decided to hold a cake sale on Thursday 11th
June, in aid of the victims of the earthquake in Nepal.

Please can pupils in Year 4 and 6 ( with your help!) make the cakes to be sold and bring them into school on the morning of Thursday June 11th. Smaller cakes eg
fairy cakes are easiest or biscuits, though we can slice up larger cakes too. Please can I remind you that we are a Nut Free School.

All pupils in the school will be able to purchase cakes and I suggest that
£2 would be more than enough to spend, as cakes will be 50p each.

Mrs Wilson

U13 Cricket

On Wednesday 20th May the U13C cricket team, captained by Alex M, set forth for Ripley Court for an unofficial clash of the champions. On a remarkably cold day, Ripley batted first and scored an imposing 87 runs in their 20 overs. Highlights of the DoK bowling attack included Dexter B’s and Matthew R’s stump-shattering balls to dismiss higher order batsmen. Dexter also managed a spectacular runout while James C, Jude L, Alex M, Tom B and Ben C bowled well, with a manageable degree of accuracy while also continuing to refine their techniques.

Fergus W kept wicket excellently and additional enthusiastic fielding support was provided by Sacha W and Louis C. Ben C even tried to run out a batsman who was out of his crease – such was the competitiveness of the occasion. DoK surpassed their opponent’s score with 3 overs to spare. DoK’s score was anchored by fine innings from Jude L, Dexter B, Sacha W and Matthew R. Alex M was unfortunate to be dismissed by the best ball of the match while Tom B arrived at the crease to witness the winning runs being scored. The match was played in a good spirit and congratulations go to both sets of players.

Mr Lodge

eSafety Update!

Make sure you check out the NSPCC's new online guide to all things social media and app related. It provides detailed guides for all the popular social media sites and popular apps for children and teenagers. It looks at everything from Facebook and Instagram (Senior Parents take note!) to Clash of Clans and Moshi Monsters (Prep Parents take note!)

You can find the site at:


Mr Southee

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