Weekly Bulletin 09/03/2018

Year 9 trip to Sayers Croft

On Monday afternoon all of Year 9 visited Sayers Croft Field Conservation Centre in Ewhurst in order to practise orienteering skills as part of their Duke of Edinburgh (DofE) Award pre-expedition training. Split into two groups, they undertook an exercise to locate and ‘rescue’ a secret agent called ‘Wilson’, who turned out to be a mannequin, not our esteemed Head of Senior School! Other exercises required students to take compass bearings to navigate their way around courses throughout the Sayers Croft area. This culminated in a final orienteering competition that was won by Blue R, Minnie C, Matty S and Nick E - and well done to them. Most importantly, however, every attendee now has a much better sense of direction(!) which I hope bodes well for their Practice Expedition of 17th-18th March. My thanks go to the instructors, Rob and Gail, and supporting Duke of Kent School staff, particularly Mr Wilson, Mr Vallance-Webb, Mrs Sarjant and Mr Taylor-Bowers.

Mr Lodge

Years 4 & 5 trip to Milestones Museum

Year 4 enjoyed seeing their Victorian topic being brought to life by following an audio tour around a typical Victorian street. The most enjoyable moments were visiting a classic Victorian cottage and being shown how their homes are different from that of a Victorian, they couldn't believe the Victorians didn't have electricity and had to do most things by hand! The children had an opportunity to sit in a restored Portsmouth tram from the 1880s and learn about how different Victorian families would have travelled around cities, as well as experiencing different jobs such as delivering post to local businesses and constructing an aqueduct. After the audio tour, Year 4 had the chance to try their hand at Victorian game machines in the penny arcade and sit in a replica Victorian classroom, which made most of them glad that they didn't attend a Victorian school! All of the children thoroughly enjoyed the trip and demonstrated boundless enthusiasm during throughout.

Mr Gritton

As part of our study of the Home Front in wartime Britain we enjoyed being hosted by a multi-skilled character who appeared to us as an Air Raid Precaution (ARP) Warden, then a Nurse and finally a bus-ticket ‘clipper’. Highlights for the children included identifying RAF from German aircraft, dressing up in wartime uniforms (including ‘Sergeant Sarjant’), trying on a gas mask and being educated about the Blitz while sitting in an Anderson shelter. They also practised bandaging each other’s ‘broken arms’ and learned about bus travel while sat on a 1935 Leyland bus. After lunch the children toured the museum, including the thoroughly popular Victorian arcade (complete with fortune tellers, strength game and Kit-Kat prizes), and sweetshop (2 oz of pear drops costing 10 old pennies (re-costed as £1).

Mr Lodge

Year 3 trip to Kew Gardens

On Monday, Year 3 visited the Royal Botanical Gardens at Kew. This was to support our learning in Topic sessions on rainforests. Each group attended a fascinating workshop, and had the opportunity to explore a number of artefacts from rainforests . They were also able to examine, smell and taste some rainforest food and tried to identify various spices. We then had a role play activity, whereby we packed our essential equipment, canoed our way to the rainforest in the Palm House and then searched for useful resources amongst the plants, looking for those which would be able to provide food, shelter, construction materials and medicine.

After lunch we went for a beautiful walk through the gardens and got a wonderful view from the Treetop Walkway. A spectacular orchid festival was underway in the Princess of Wales Conservatory and the children also showed great interest in the display of carnivorous plants. It was a wonderful day out, filled with learning opportunities and we were very impressed with the children’s knowledge and behaviour that they demonstrated throughout the day.

Mrs Nicholson  

Year 1 trip to Brooklands Motor Museum

On Tuesday 6th March Year 1 visited Brooklands Motor Museum. Our day began with a tour of the car collection and we learnt about the history of the motor car and motor racing at Brooklands. We the visited the Aircraft Factory and Aircraft Park where we were able to look around a very fancy plane which used to be owned by the Sultan of Oman and contained sofas, a double bed and a large television! We were very excited to be shown around Concorde and to find out about the supersonic age. We ate a delicious lunch prepared by the school kitchen in one of the classrooms then our day ended with a tour of the buses and a session in the Discovery Room where we completed a variety of science experiments. It was a super day and a great culmination to our learning about Transport.

A few match reports from this week

Tag Rugby: U7 v. Belmont

On Tuesday morning, Duke of Kent School's U7s had their first ever sports fixture, a tag rugby game against Belmont. The pupils warmed up and prepared for the game with the help of Mr Burwood and Miss Vickers. Belmont arrived and the first match got under way, after a quick try from the opposition, Duke of Kent School began to get into their stride. Some fast pace running and accurate passing led to a flurry of tries from both teams ending with a very even score line. In the second game, Duke of Kent School demonstrated their clear understanding of the game with some tactical positioning and quick offloads leading to some confident tries being scored. A huge congratulations to all of year 2, we look forward to our away fixture in the summer term!

Miss Vickers and Mr Burwood

Netball: Senior House Matches

On Tuesday afternoon all the senior girls played in a series of High 5's house netball matches. It was a great afternoon for the girls to demonstrate their versatility across the court in a range of positions. Some even surprised themselves at their shooting abilities! Each team worked to their strengths and Year 11s were giving coaching points to the younger girls in their houses which gave them the edge as they went into the second half of their matches. After some very tight scores in matches, the final results were as follows:

1st: Whittle

2nd: Chichester

3rd: Hillary

4th: Armstrong

Well done to all the girls that played, it was lovely to see so much team spirit throughout the afternoon

Miss Jones

Netball: U13 Regional IAPS Tournament

On Wednesday afternoon, Duke of Kent School's U13A team, captained by Poppy S, competed in the Regional Netball IAPS qualifying event held at Cranleigh School. After the short journey, the girls began their warm up and mentally prepared themselves for an afternoon of five netball matches. The girls first match was against Feltonfeet, after a slow start they started to get into the game early in the second half, with some lovely linking passes from Laura S, Issy F and Poppy S. Play from both teams flowed nicely and the score ended 8-6 to Feltonfeet. Next up, Duke of Kent School played Amesbury. Once again the girls went down early on with the half time score at 1-4. However, they fought back with some brilliant defending from Charlotte W and Bella R-B, as well as some accurate and calm shooting from Daisy M and Poppy S, to bring the final score to 5-5. The girls went into their next match with confidence following their epic comeback, this positive energy and with some accurate shooting from Martha M lead to a 9-7 win over Seaford. After a short break the girls were back on, this time facing Cranleigh. The netball was of a great standard and the girls fought well but Cranleigh came out with the win. The final match of the afternoon was against Pennthorpe, the girls remembered their tactics and used their quick and accurate centre passes to gain an edge with help of the mid court team. Those in defence, including Holly C, Milly B and Alice S managed to keep Pennthorpe from scoring many goals. The final score ended 5-5 and placed the girls in joint 3rd position in the tournament. A huge congratulations to all of the ten year 8 girls involved, what a great experience!

Miss Vickers

Hockey: U13 B v. Ripley Court

On Wednesday, the boys U13B team travelled to Woking Hockey Club to take on Ripley Court. The boys were split up into two teams as we played a six-a-side match, as well as a seven-a-side. Duke of Kent School started both games strongly, with chances coming for each team. Both matches were tightly fought contests, with a lot of brilliant defending. In the second half, Ripley Court managed to score in both games, leaving the scores 1-0 at the end. Well played to all of the boys on their perseverance and determination.

Mr Monk

Netball: U12 Tournament at Copthorne

On Wednesday afternoon an U12A team played in an U13 tournament away at Copthorne Prep School. This was a versatility tournament where girls had to chance to play in a range of positions across the court. In every game, girls linked passes down the court, creating space and turned over the ball on numerous occasions. When defending, girls stuck to their players and made some key interceptions around the circle. Duke of Kent School won 2 of the games we played against Lancing College and Great Walstead finishing a respectable 4th place out of 7th schools taking part. Well done to all the girls that took part and getting stuck in playing in positions that aren’t their natural choice

Miss Jones

Whole School Reminders:

Tuesday 13th March:

Visit from Duo Bizart! music and art workshop

Thursday 15th March:


Senior School Reminders:

Friday 16th March:

Year 10 Parents' meetings 14:45 - 19:00

Saturday 17th - 18th March:

Year 9 Bronze DofE Practice Expedition

Prep School Reminder:

Wednesday 14th March:

 Pi Day (π)

British Swimming Championships in Edinburgh

It was a case of “Trains, Planes & Automobiles” as Charlie T persevered through cancelled flights, snow blocked trains and ultimately a road trip spanning Scotland, to make it to Edinburgh just in time to compete in the British Swimming Championships last weekend. The effort was worthwhile however, as Charlie got to compete in the highest level event of his career so far, swimming directly against world record holder Adam Peaty and achieving some great results. The path is now set for the British Summer Championships at the end of July.

Well done Charlie!

Charlie T, Year 11

Dance Show Success

It was a busy and long day for the many Duke of Kent students past and present represented across the age groups at Peaslake's Dancearamix bi-annual dance show spectacular "Fabulous Films" at Princes Hall in Aldershot on Saturday 3rd March. A full technical rehearsal in the morning was followed by two energetic performances, with ballet and modern jazz routines set to music from films as varied as Mary Poppins, James Bond, Bridge over the River Kwai to Batman Returns, Brave, and Singing in the Rain. There was a lovely atmosphere backstage with great excitement and camaraderie. Well done to all the dancers involved, what a great way to celebrate the rapid thaw! Use of Kent School (past and present) dancers included: Annabelle B, Fleur B, Hollie B, Myles C, Tess G, Clara H-S, Ariane L, Martha M, Josie M, Louis N, Mia O, Annabelle R, Ella S, Pippa S, Isabelle S, Alice S, Rose S, Isla W and hats off to the dancing mum who took part too...you know who you are! All your hard work from the last year paid off, and a great time was had by all!

Mrs Sarjant

!!! GCSE English Revision !!!

A performance of 'Of Mice and Men’ is taking place at:

New Wimbledon Theatre - Monday 19th - Saturday 24th March


Tunbridge Wells Assembly Halls - Monday 26th - Saturday 31st March

If you are looking for something to do over the Easter holidays, this might be a great day out and a useful revision trip!

Mr Southee

Pre-Prep Stars of the a Week

Nursery: Alexander R for listening very carefully to Mr Stearn's talk on Antarctica and asking great questions.
Eliza R for settling into school with enthusiasm and being well motivated and kind to her friends.

Reception: Mac Y for progress and purposeful reading in an everyday context.

Year 1: Phoenix H for asking sensible questions and paying great attention on our trip to Brooklands.

Year 2: Pip C-G and Eddie C for listening well at School Council meetings and asking visiting teachers interesting questions.

Mrs Green

E-Safety Tips

Be Internet Legends

Google has launched an e-safety initiative aimed at "empowering younger children to use the web safely and wisely". Titling it "Be Internet Legends", Google covers topics such as thinking before sharing content, protecting privacy, and respecting each other online. There are resources for the classroom and for home, and it's a good way of introducing people to the core elements of e-safety.

Here is an article for more information:


Thanks for reading!

Mr Win-Pe

Pause for Thought

I hope you've made the cakes, ordered the flowers, wrapped the chocolates and booked the table at her favourite restaurant because, as I'm sure you're aware (!) it's Mothers Day! All those that care for us, grandparents, Aunts, Uncles and friends need thanking and appreciating but traditionally the fourth Sunday in Lent has been celebrated as Mothering Sunday. But where does this come from?

Way back in the 16th Century domestic servants were released from their duties to return to their 'Mother' Church for a service to be held on Laetare Sunday. Their 'Mother' Church was the Church that they had been Baptised at, their local Parish Church or the Cathedral.

This tradition was re-invented by an English women, Constance Smith who was inspired by an American, Anna Jarvis. Constance started the 'Mothering Sunday Movement' in 1921 partly in response to the tragedies of World War 1 when so many mothers lost their sons. The consumer market then seized on the potential and by the 1950's 'Mothers day' was celebrated across the whole of the U.K.

Whatever the slightly confused beginnings of this tradition, it is a wonderful opportunity to tell those that care for you how much you love and appreciate all that they do for you.

Cards, flowers, chocolates and cakes may be nice but the best present you can give (talking from personal experience!) is a hug, a smile and a thank you from those you love.

Mrs Pakenham