An Evening of Original Works

On the Thursday before half term a group of Year 10 and 11 English, Music and Art students took to the stage of the Wilson Rooms at Ewhurst Church for an Evening of Original Works. Originally intended as a one off event three years ago, this evening has become a permanent fixture in Duke of Kent School calendar. It is a fabulous opportunity for the three departments to work together to produce an evening of musical compositions, poetry, creative writing and photography. Much of the work showcased was completed in addition to GCSE coursework, in students' own time or during activities, with support from staff. This was a chance to show work that otherwise would have remained in exercise books or not been heard beyond the school practice rooms. The evening also gave students a taste of what it is like to perform and exhibit in the real world.

Mr Watson

House Chess

The House Chess competition is reaching its final stages with some very hard fought matches taking place this week. Casper C for Whittle and Will W for Chichester have been confirmed as champions of their respective houses and will now go through to the Inter House finals. For Armstrong, Andy L and Max T go head to head in the Armstrong house final, in a hotly anticipated contest. For Hillary, Hannah S and James F will be battling it out in the semi-final for a chance to take on last year's overall winner, Archie L, in the Hillary house final.

Well done to all those who have participated in what has been an exceptional tournament so far.

Mr Seeley

Prep and Pre-prep Share a Pencil Day

Just before half term, pupils in Prep and Pre-Prep took part in Share a Pencil Day. Mrs Pakenham's assembly encouraged us to consider those children around the world who have zero, or very little, access to formal education, be it because of geography, a lack of wealth, or even their gender. Later that afternoon, in their Art lesson, Year 2 had an opportunity to experience first-hand some of the difficulties arising from unequal educational opportunities and inadequate resources. The children were challenged to each complete three tasks, with a few critical differences from our usual provision: most of the tables had been removed from the classroom; only two chairs remained; paper, brushes, pencils and other art materials essential for the tasks were in very short supply; and the whole lesson was conducted without any artificial lighting. Given the restrictive circumstances, the children coped admirably, showing resourcefulness, resilience and consideration for others. The pupils ended the day much more appreciative of how fortunate they are not to face such limitations to their learning on a regular basis, and the few pencils we had, were certainly very well shared!

Mr Wright

Year 2 Assembly

Year 2's Assembly this week gave the children an opportunity to share some of their thoughts about works of art they have recently encountered, which they did brilliantly. They spoke about the subject knowledgeably and with confidence, exploring how they felt about certain exhibits and why artwork can often elicit very personal and strong reactions. The enjoyment the children displayed during the assembly, and the excellent humour with which they performed throughout, helped to inspire their audience - as well as a bunch of pompous, prejudiced art critics - to appreciate a variety of artistic approaches and styles with open eyes and open minds in future. All those watching were amazed at how well the children had learned their lines in a short space of time, and they deserve huge praise for having rehearsed with admirable determination, patience and focus.

Mr Wright

New Pre-prep Playground Planned

We are pleased to announce that planning permission has now been submitted to Waverley District Council to replace the existing Pre-prep playground with a new play area containing different textured surfaces and exciting play equipment. Subject to receiving the appropriate planning permission, we hope to complete this project by the end of the year. To give you a flavour of how the new proposed playground will look, please see the illustration below.

Keith Stacey

U15 Surrey County Netball Academy Success

Congratulations to Poppy S in year 8 for being offered a place in the U15 Surrey County Netball Academy. Poppy has trained really hard with both her clubs this year - Waverly Vipers and Wey Valley Tigers. She was put forward for the trials with 250 other girls from all across Surrey and made it through the 2 days of trials at Cranleigh School to be one of only 45 girls from year 8 & 9 to be offered a place on the County Netball squad. A massive achievement for Poppy and something to be very proud of - well done Poppy!

A Few Match Reports from the week

Rounders: U14 v King Edward's

On Tuesday afternoon, the U14 rounders team travelled to King Edward's School for a fixture. After the toss, it was decided that Duke of Kent School would bat first. After a slow start and some risks that didn’t always pay off Duke of Kent School had only 2 batters left after 19 balls. Blue R and Fleur B pulled out an excellent batting performance scoring either half or full rounders on every bat so much so that the team was all out after 29 balls with a score of 8 rounders. Strong fielding in the first innings meant that the score was level at 8-8.

The second innings some bigs hits from Jasmine B, Issy P and Hannah D put us in a strong position before fielding. A crucial catch from Josie M early on kept King Edward's score low. The final score was 16 1/2 to 12 1/2 to Duke of Kent School.

A special mention to Fleur B being nominated as batter of the game and Issy P for being nominated as fielder of the game. Well done!

Miss Jones

Rounders: U15 v King Edward's

On Tuesday afternoon, Duke of Kent School's U15 team welcomed King Edward's for a sunny rounders match! The girls batted first and started well, during the first innings Tyla W, Chloe E and Lucy W all added to the score with some powerful hits. Duke of Kent School continued their brilliant form when fielding, with Chloe E as bowler, Ana D on 1st post and Tyla W as backstop they managed to get a number of girls out at the start of the first innings. Another strong batting innings ensured a comfortable lead for Duke of Kent School going into the final bat for King Edward's. Once again, the girls fielded well with some powerful throws from Willow C and good communication between Ava H and Lucy W at second post and Megan R on 1st post. A huge well done to all the girls involved and a particular mention for some outstanding catches from Sophie D, Constance C and Anna D!

Miss Vickers

Rounders: U13 v King Edward's

On Wednesday, the U13 girls travelled to King Edward's for a round robin tournament against two of their teams and one from Barrow Hill School. After applying a good coating of suncream (thanks to Mrs Bond for supplying) due to the beautiful weather making an appearance, we were ready to see if we could add some beautiful batting and fielding to the day.

We started by playing King Edwards' B team and immediately we showed our strength in batting. Milly B hit some excellent shots to the right and Alice S and Laura S used their left-handedness to their strength sending the balls way beyond reach. After a solid performance fielding, with Issy F and Poppy S working formidably at backstop and first post respectively, we had a first win in the bag and next up were Barrow Hill.

Again, we batted first and again the girls impressed. Issy F, Martha M and Milly B getting our score quick off the mark, showing not only skill but bold natures, pushing for rounders and putting pressure on the opponents. Another strong performance fielding alongside this and we had won this game resoundingly 12.5 rounders to 2.5.

Feeling confident, we marched over to our final game against King Edward's A team. However, this game could not have been more different to the previous two. After just 17 balls they had fielded us all out, and we had only managed to get 4.5 rounders. The pressure was on for their turn to bat but the girls did not disappoint; Izzy F and Charlotte W getting a number of their players out at first base, Daisy M making some strong catches and everyone working brilliantly as a team and communicating well to stop them from scoring any rounders. We managed to get all their team out after 24 balls as well as keeping their score at 3 rounders. A fantastic afternoon and a 1st place finish in the tournament!

Miss Taylor

Cricket:  U12 v Loxwood CC Colts

On Tuesday an Under 12 team ventured to Loxwood for our annual game against their mixed age group colts. We batted first on a slow track and with each batsman having a go, we mustered a total of 88 in our 20 overs, led by some spirited stroke-play from Ben W,.

In an action –packed game, Loxwood looked like they were in the driving seat with only a few overs to go. Then Oisin, who was our captain for the day, pulled off a remarkable caught and bowled, removing Loxwood’s hard hitting six-footer, who had threatened to take the game away from us. In the end, victory was achieved for us by 4 runs. This was an excellent game in a friendly but competitive atmosphere. Thanks to the many parents who turned up to lend support in the evening sun.

Mr Macdonald

Cricket: U13 v Shoreham College

On Wednesday the U13 v made the trip to the south coast to take on Shoreham College. Having been inserted by the opposition we put together a total of 114 in our 16 overs, held together by some fluent batting by our captain, Arthur, who scored 21. Tom S who hit some mighty blows towards the end, and Rueben, who batted stylishly, remained not out.

In reply, Shoreham, who threatened to win at various stages of their innings, could not cope with our accurate fast bowling. Harry S., bowling with control and rhythm took 3 for 12, and was the pick, with tremendous support from Johnny H (1-12) and Arthur (2-14). A fine victory was wrapped up by Oisin who, in the last over, took 2 for 0 in three balls! Well done, boys!

Mr Macdonald

Whole School Reminders

Tuesday 12th June

Lunchtime guitar recital for pupils of Mr Beale 1 pm

Senior School Reminders

Monday 11th June

Year 9 trip to Houses of Parliament

Prep School Reminders

Friday 15th June

Year 3 Forest School Camp

Year 7 Parent' meetings 16.45-19.00

Saturday 16th June

Year 5 Wild West Camp

Pre-prep Reminders

Thursday 14th June

Fathers' Day Party 14.30-15.30

Pre-prep Stars of the Week

Nursery: Logan N. It is for improved conversational skills with his peers.

Reception: Ben W for showing kindness and thoughtful support to his friends and progress in reading

Year 1: Freddie P for excellent focus and determination when writing his holiday news and Henry O'B for approaching school with a cheerful and positive attitude and producing an excellent 'Rainbow fish' description

Year 2: Pip C-G, for challenging herself to learn her assembly lines and for performing them clearly and expressively

Mrs Green

Music Department News

The Duke of Kent School Music CD -  Volume II, is currently in the finishing stages and will be available towards the end of term.  It features an eclectic range of music and singing and will surely keep you entertained on long car journeys !! Purchase details will be sent out in due course.

Mr Rye

E-Safety Tips

As the Fortnite train shows no sign of stopping, it would be an mistake not to mention the imminent release of an android mobile version this summer. However, with this announcement has come the emergence of fake versions of the app, with websites and YouTube adverts claiming to show you how to install the game onto your phones.

Most of these phishing sites are obvious fakes with poor grammar, but some are convincing. When Fornite mobile is actually released there is a good chance you will hear about it on the news or on the internet, so until then anything that is claiming to be the real deal is most likely trying to scam you.

Here is an article for more details:

Thanks for reading!

Mr Win-Pe

Pause for Thought

I spent half term week in Bristol getting involved in inner city ministry as part of my course. I spent time feeding the homeless, seeing community projects such as a bicycle repair shop called 'Holy Spokes' and visiting a womens' refuge. It was hugely challenging and immensely inspirational.

One of the common denominators in all the places we went was the fundamental belief in unconditional love and acceptance.

The majority of people they saw on a day to day basis were addicts and had some form of mental illness. No matter how many times they 'messed up' they were never turned away. They loved them through their fears and failures and showed them total acceptance of who they were.

Although these men and women wore their failures on their sleeve, here in Surrey we have just as many problems. They may manifest themselves differently and we may be adept in hiding them, but they are there.

The importance of unconditional love and acceptance is as important for us here in leafy Surrey as it is to those in inner city Bristol.

Never judge a book from the chapter you walk in on.

With every Blessing

Mrs Pakenham

Visiting Speaker

On Tuesday we were joined by Satveer Nijjar, an inspirational speaker who ran talks and workshops with teachers, students and parents on self-harm and mental health.

Her engaging sessions were a great success, with students commenting on how much they took from talk. She spoke about how important our mental health is and how we should look after ourselves mentally in the same way we look after our physical health.

She has provided an excellent guide for parents that will be available soon.

We will be inviting Satveer back next year so be sure to come along to any of her future sessions.

Mr Southee