Weekly Bulletin 08/02/2019

From Mrs Knox

Our whole school focus this week has been on how to stay safe on-line. Through assemblies, performances, presentations and lessons, we have been able to dialogue with the pupils about this important topic. The internet is a fantastic source of information and a vital way of staying connected in the modern world, for both adults and children alike. However, with this growing connectivity, comes a growing number of risks. Safer Internet Day on Tuesday was celebrated globally with the slogan “Create, Connect and Share Respect: A better internet starts with you”. This helped start a conversation about using technology responsibly, respectfully, critically and creatively. An important message, please see more details below.

This coming Monday, I am looking forward to sharing my first impressions of this wonderful school and thoughts as we plan for the future together. If you are unable to join me, I will also be hosting a series of Breakfast meetings next half term and look forward to meeting you at one or other of these events.

The highlight of the week for me has to be watching the performance of the Sound of Music by the Peaslake Players. A superb production and huge congratulations to Duke of Kent School pupils: Kiki B, Amelie W-B, Ariana L, Lulu B, Iris R, Daisy R and Isla B.

Mrs Knox

Safer Internet Day

This Safer Internet Day the Prep school focused on how we can identify pressure and share things responsibly on social media. Year 3 and 4 engaged with the story of Alfie, Sam, and Ellie, to discuss how we might feel when someone sends harassing messages to you. We also looked at what things might be okay or not okay to share with people online, and the risks of sharing things publicly.

Year 5 and 6 also explored safer sharing and considered the idea of asking for permission when sharing, and thinking about what we might accidently share when we post a picture or stream. The pupils raised lots of great points and reasoned their ideas really well.

In Pre-Prep, Nursery and Reception were read a story starring Smartie the Penguin. He made the right decisions by telling his parents if something popped up on his tablet that he didn’t understand. The children sang along to his song:

‘Before you tap and click...You need to stop and think...and tell someone!’

Year 1 and 2 were taught the SMART rule of staying safe online, and we discussed the use of YouTube Kids instead of YouTube. These sessions were followed up by a talk to parents on Thursday, covering screen time amongst other things.

The senior school, who have had specialist online safety sessions in their PSHE sessions this half term, were spoken to about the ‘Good and Bad of Social Media’. They were encouraged to use their presence online to do good and raise awareness of good causes.

It was a fantastic Safer Internet Day this 2019, with advice reaching all students throughout the week. Many thanks to the staff, in particular Mr Win-Pe for all their help.

Mr Southee 

Visiting Author Zanna Davidson-Kelly

126 children, 21 staff and 1 inspiring author came together in the most wonderfully collaborative fashion last Friday, on Literacy Day. First up, Pre-prep pupils created countless hordes of skulduggering monsters and an equally strong throng of shiny brave heroes to repel them. Prep pupils subsequently set about bringing these creations to life with some extraordinary settings and plots, culminating in 22 stories that most certainly have to be read, but quite possibly can't be believed. Indeed, it's hard to imagine that until last week, the infamous Terror-Bogey didn't even exist, and Death Leopard was still just a figment of a child's 1980s rock-fuelled, spandex-clad imagination. Soon, though, you'll have the chance to meet them both alongside all their wonderfully colourful side-kicks on the Pre-prep and Prep School walls, where the pupil's illustrations and stories are soon to be on display. At the time of writing, the final four stories have been shortlisted, but the authors of 'The Tale of Healer-Ladybug and Sparkles', The Adventures of TPA', 'The Mystery of the Cheddar Cheese', and 'Hesser and the Purple Mountains' will all have to wait until next Wednesday's assembly, to find out whose work will be published in the 2019 DoK Review. 

Huge congratulations to all of the children who participated, earning House points aplenty and developing their writing skills fantastically throughout each stage of the day. We are also very grateful to DoK parent and author Zanna Davidson who gave of her time, enthusiasm and expertise so warmly and generously.

Mr Wright

Year 10 trip to the Design Museum

Yesterday, Year 10 students had a thought provoking day at the Design Museum, London. Initially they were challenged to get into the mindset of the British-Ghanaian architect, Sir David Adjaye OBE. He focusses on how a building can shape our perception of events and how architecture, rather than words, can be used to tell stories. Students were given the task, to quickly sketch each design along and one piece in detail from this. Additionally they had to think about key design issues that included the emotion he wanted to evoke in the user. An architect, walking round the exhibition, enquired about our students, wanting to know if they were design students as she was fascinated to hear the comments and observations they were making.

The next part of the exhibition we looked at was entitled ‘Designer, Maker, User’. This exhibition tells the story of contemporary design through three interconnecting roles. Installations included Henry Beck’s 1933 ergonomic underground map, now used around the world. As part of this installation it was fun to reminisce on artefacts such as the Sony Sport Walkman and the first Apple Mac. Students were fascinated by the evolution of design.

Many thanks to Mr Macdonald and Mrs Kerr who assisted with the trip

Mr Usher

Year 9 Media Studies

On Thursday 31st January, the Year 9s participated in a make-up workshop as part of their media studies for English. They have spent the past couple of weeks analysing the use of costume and make-up, setting, location and camera angles within a piece of media. The students had been asked for their Prep to design the type of character make-up that they would like to experiment with. From this, they were then let loose on their friends to try and recreate these ideas. It was amazing to see what they had produced: from wild clown like vampires, to incredibly realistic bruises, the students showed how professional they could be in their approach to the activity and the research they had done was visible by work they created on one another. Miss Anand and myself are extremely proud of them all.

Mrs Punter

Modern Foreign Languages

This has been a busy time for the MFL department. Lunch times always buzz with Year 11 FLA sessions taking place with Señora Gonzalez and Madame Nunn. Year 7 French catch-up club on Mondays, Year 11s analysing their performance in the mock oral exams with Señora Cabanes…and the occasional vocab re-tests… Lessons have been busy and exciting too. Year 3 went on a treasure hunt, practising their numbers and dictionary skills. Year 6 have been studying the paintings of Rousseau and using their French to describe the pictures and give their opinions. Year 8 hosted a talent show in class, introducing their acts and giving each other feedback in French. Some Year 9s and 10s have been practising their spoken French with Mrs Knox and Year 7, starting the topic of “pets” were rather horrified to discover that guinea-pigs are a delectable snack in parts of South America!

Miss Francis

Ali Baba - The Ockley Dramatic Society

Three Duke of Kent School pupils played significant roles in this year’s local pantomime Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves, performed by the Ockley Dramatic Society which is a thriving local theatre group. Thirty actors, aged from teens to retirement and twenty six dancers, aged from 4-teenage played to six packed audiences in the nearby villages of Capel two weekends ago and Ockley last weekend. Megan A playing principal girl (Shakira) and Dugald P played Thief #1, Jack A was highly involved with the Stage Management.

Duke of Kent School pupils have made a significant contribution to the society over many years, rehearsals are held in smaller groups, with the whole company only coming together in the final stages. The society takes pride in offering a smaller, more intimate environment that encourages and supports children who perhaps thrive more in this setting and new talent is always welcomed.

Mr Pratt

A few match reports from this week

Netball: U16 & U15 v. Box Hill School

On Wednesday our U16 and U15 girls' netball teams travelled to Box Hill School. The U15s had a great start to their match with Sophie D and Minnie C quickly finding their rhythm with their shooting and setting Duke of Kent School off to a 12 – 4 lead. All the girls’ worked hard closing down spaces and making well timed interceptions which led to them maintaining a steady lead throughout. There was a great team effort from every player. The final score was 33-24 to Duke of Kent School, well done girls.

In the U16s match, the girls started slow and steady. The finished the first quarter 4 -1 up and with that, their confidence grew. We spoke about communication on court and working together to offer options and they all put this into practice in the second quarter. Ava H put a lot of pressure on the GS with an excellent stretch and hold in the circle. Chloe E-L and Anna D worked well together feeding quick accurate passes to one another to edge closer to the goal for the perfect shot. The U16s narrowly missed out on the win due to the final whistle being blown just as our final shot went in the goal leaving the score at 15-14 to Box Hill School but well done Anna D for an impeccable final shot albeit after the whistle had gone. Well played girls, it was a great game to umpire.

Miss Vernon

Netball: U14 A & B v. Box Hill School

On Wednesday all of the year 9 girls took on Box Hill for two thrilling matches. The As got off to a flying start with Poppy S leading the team as Captain. By the end of the first half they were in a strong lead so everyone switched to a position they’d never played before. This challenge was taken well in their stride and resulted with a final score of 38-1! Well done to Bella R-B for girl of the game.

After talking tactics and strategies during the warm-up, the Bs were ready to go when the first whistle blew. A strong attacking side from Box Hill saw the the half time score to 7-1 in their favour. During the half time team talk we re-assessed our tactics and were ready the come back fighting. With Ellis McK in at shooter, the Duke of Kent School score started to rise. Whilst the defensive team of Kiki B and Lucy H only conceded 1 goal in the whole quarter. Going into the last quarter, enthusiasm was high and everyone put in every ounce of energy left. Although the final score ended 11-10 to Box Hill, the girls showed amazing resilience and played to a very high level. Well done to Ellis McK for a well deserved girl of the game.

Miss Godfrey

Netball: U13 v. King Edward's

On Wednesday afternoon, the U13 girls travelled to King Edward's for a thrilling game of netball. The girls played fantastically throughout the match and showed brilliant sportsmanship. After some very close quarters, the game ended 22-20 to Duke of Kent School. Well done girls!

Miss Vickers

Boys' Hockey: U15 v. Box Hill School

The U15s has their first hockey match of the season which was a thriller against Box Hill School that finished as a 3-3 draw. Fred V and Matty S kept the score down in the 1st half to ensure it finished 1-1. Duke of Kent School started the 2nd half brightly with some lovely team play and attacking running from Matthew C. Alex W showed great initiative intercepting the ball from the opposition defence before smashing it home. It was a great game showcasing skill and fight from all boys involved.

Mr Green

Boys' Hockey: U13 v. Box Hill School

The U13s got their first taste of hockey on the new Wilson’s pitch when they played Box Hill School. It was a good test as there was some lovely passing hockey from both sides. Toby C made numerous saves throughout the match showing bravery, which was replicated by Oscar H and Alfie C. John M showed good leadership at the back allowing Charlie B and Will P to battle in midfield. Well played to everyone involved as they all showed good determination and kept fighting til the end of the match.

Mr Green

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School Reminders

Whole School Reminder

Thursday 13th February:

Half Term Departure Times:

15:30 - Pre-prep and Prep siblings

16:05 - Prep School and Senior siblings

16:45 - Senior School

4:45/17:00 - All after school buses depart

Wednesday 13th February:

PADoK Second hand uniform shop open 15:00 - 16:00

Duke of Cat

It has been a purrfect week at the Duke of Kent School.

Now that the snow and ice has gone I can finally return to worrying about Brexit. The talk of possible fishing quotas has left me restless and I simply won’t tolerate another month of uncertainty.

Following my successful campaign to become MP for Surrey Hills/Peaslake South, my road safety plans continue apace and you will be pleased to know that following extensive meetings with the grounds team, they will start here at the school with pot hole filling during the half term break. We also discussed recent poor driving conditions and I wisely suggested fresh whole salmon be kept in grit bins around the site (the meat for morale, the bones for traction) but so far this hasn’t been implemented. Extra delicious salt has been agreed in certain trouble spots so well done me.

If you do see me around, please feel free to come and talk to me any time about local issues, school, anything at all. Remember to offer your hand to me slowly before speaking. If I stay you may give me a brief stroke before asking a single question (I haven’t got all day) Remember, you are my constituents and your problems are my problems.

Miaow, Miaow


Stars of The Week

Nursery: Scarlett S for settling into nursery with confidence and enthusiasm.

Reception: Seren G for amazing progress in reading!

Year 1: Ben W for writing an accurate account of our trip and pushing himself to include a list whilst ensuring his handwriting was neat.

Year 2: Dante R-D for incredible attitude to his learning and for using his spelling rules in his everyday writing.

Mrs Green

Maths Problem Solving

Well done to Saoirse W for winning our first ever twitter competition. She rightly calculated that there are 40320 minutes in February this year which is the same as 8!. Saoirse says "In maths you say 8! as 8 factorial which means 8 x 7 x 6 x 5 x 4 x 3 x 2 x 1 = 40,320". Look out for more twitter competitions in the near future.

Mr Ellarby

Pause for Thought

Candlemas Day (the Christian festival of lights ) was celebrated in churches up and down the country last Sunday. This ancient festival marks the midpoint of winter, halfway between the shortest day and the spring equinox.

It takes place normally at around 6pm where the church is shrouded in darkness. Then one solitary candle is processed through the church. As it makes it's journey down the Aisle toward the Altar other candles are lit throughout the church until the whole church is bathed in candlelight.

This symbolic act reminds us that although we may walk in darkness the light of the world has come to bring light to all in the form of Jesus.

There are many lights around us that reflect the glory of God - I see them daily at our school! From the stunning performances of some of our pupils in the Peaslake Players in the Sound of Music to the comforting words shared over cake in the dining room.

We all shine when we bring hope and happiness to others.

With every blessing

Reverend Kia

PADoK News

Limited amount of tickets still available!

PADoK Book Club

Please join us at 8pm on Friday 1st March around the fire in Old Hall for our first book club meeting.

Our first book will be “Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine”, By Gail Honeyman.

Happy reading, we look forward to seeing you in March.

Mrs Trotman