Weekly Bulletin 07/07/2017

Year 11's Leavers' Concert and Dinner

On Monday 3rd July the 2017 Year 11 Leavers assembled at school for a celebration of their time at Duke of Kent School.  The evening kicked off with an outstanding concert in the PA Hall where select members showed their musical talents before the whole year group performed a splendid rendition of a Bob Marley classic. There were poignant and heartfelt performances from Erica K, Bastien H, Noah T, Dan H, Robbie R and Pablo C. And of course the finale was the whole of Year 11 on stage singing together for one last time. Happy memories being made for one and all! Following some drinks and canapes we gathered in the dining room for a wonderful meal. Speeches, poetry and prizes were included to commemorate the year group as fond memories were shared and future successes pondered. A fitting finale for a wonderful group who will be sorely missed.

Mr Wilson and Mr Rye

Year 9 Maths Inspiration Show

On Wednesday morning, Year 9 went to the Yvonne Arnaud Theatre in Guildford for a “Maths Inspiration” event. The talk was entitled “What’s the Point?” and showed us all how the Maths we learn in lessons has so many interesting applications to real life. We learnt about logical deduction and Sherlock Holmes; algebra and magic tricks; the sine curve and its applications to musical harmony; and even the probability of being seated in the middle seat on a RyanAir flight!

Miss Coxhead

Year 7 Watersports Day

On Monday this week students in Year 7 travelled to Southwater Country Park to take part in our traditional end of year watersports day.

‘My group’s first activity was stand up paddle boarding. We got used to the feel of the board and standing up, luckily the water wasn’t too cold as we were in it a lot of the time! We then played stuck in the mud paddle board style. Then we had to get our entire team standing up on one paddle board. Meanwhile the instructor made a massive raft out of all of our boards which we sat on and paddled whilst pretending to be pirates.

Next we moved on to canoeing in 3 person boats. We went all the way around the lake then ran across all of the boats. My favourite part was playing canoe water polo.

Finally after we had had lunch and dried off for a bit we moved onto our final activity which was kayaking. It was great fun, we played a standing up in your boat game (which was very hard, I fell off!) and three other games, one of which was gladiators.

It was an amazing trip and I really hope we go back soon!’

Milly B, Year 7

Phizzwizards and Trogglehumpers

On Thursday evening, Years 3 and 4 will present ‘Phizzwizards and Trogglehumpers’ – a showcase of drama, poetry, music and dance celebrating the works of Roald Dahl. Sophie and the BFG escaped from the clutches of the unfriendly giants, collected their dreams from Dream Country and watched them unfold as the various sketches performed by the rest of the cast. All the children have made a magnificent effort preparing for their roles, songs and dances. Well done to all the cast and a huge thank you to all the staff and parents who have also contributed to this end of term celebration.

Mrs Nicholson

Pre-prep Sports Day

Pre-prep Sports Day proved to be exciting an event, with beautiful weather and a full complement of spectators. The competition began with the standing long jump by Nursey and quickly progressed to a fast and furious running jump by Reception, Y1 and Y2.

Everyone then proceeded over to the running track where the running races were held. The atmosphere was competitive but nurturing, with all participants being encouraged warmly by parents, friends and family as they crossed the line. Learning the mechanics of track racing was a new challenge for some, but happily, most managed to keep to their own lanes and remembered the finish line had to be crossed and not just reached!

The obstacle races were inventive, involving jumping in sacks, bean bag balancing, jumping through hoops, crossing brick stepping stones and planks, dribbling balls and running with cupful’s of water to fill containers.

Parents had a colourful Hawaiian themed race in which they had to run and put on a Hawaiian flower lei garland, headband, and wristbands, scoop a bean bag into a bucket and run! They were enthusiastically cheered on by a delighted Pre-prep.

The final event was a mixed relay which included some Year 10’s who have been inventive in how they raised funds for the charity ‘Jigsaw’, which helps children and young adults with an autistic spectrum disorder. Medals and certificates were presented by Mrs Fremont-Barnes and ice lollies concluded the event.

Mrs Turner

Pre-prep Trips Day

On Thursday 6th July Pre-Prep enjoyed an end of term outing to Alice Holt Woodland Centre. We had a glorious sunny day which began with a session in the forest centre looking at natural artefacts.
We then split off into groups for practical activities. One of these was the 'mole' activity. The children were blindfolded and had to use their other senses to help them find their way along a trail marked out by a rope. This encouraged excellent listening and feeling. The second activity focused on camouflage. The children had to find a worm made of wool in the grass. Once each child had found one they were all sent off to find a second one. The second worms were more difficult to find. We then compared the colours of the worms and discovered that the second group were all shades of green and brown.
After a delicious picnic lunch prepared by school, we spent a happy afternoon in the adventure playground which included a fabulous pirate ship. The day was rounded off with an ice cream. It was a very happy and successful trip and a wonderful way to round off our year in Pre-prep.

Mrs Crabtree

Year 10 Charity Day

Last Friday the Year 10 year group held a charity day. This charity day was to raise money in aid of Jigsaw, a school in Dunsfold. It came to our attention that this school which specialises in assisting autistic children couldn't afford the basic facilities that we take for granted here at Duke of Kent School so we thought we could help fundraise. There was a great atmosphere on the day as everyone, including teachers, took part in the variety of fun activities. Overall, it was a very successful day and we raised £950 in total, an amount we hope to increase over the next academic year! It was lovely seeing everyone come together and thank you everyone who helped and donated money towards this deserving school.

Josie M, Year 10

DOKBots Venture Out

After weeks of prototyping and revisions, the final designs of the DoKBot explorers were finally ready to go on expedition. This time two Year 10 Computer Scientists were on hand to provide expert advice, with Guy R, a space exploration enthusiast, and Felix S, a self-confessed LEGO master, overseeing the final stages of construction and the deployment of the vehicles. Together we ventured off to the distant land of the Pre-prep sand pit, and the wilds of the grass bank next to the Pre-prep playground. The intrepid robotic explorers adapted well to these environments, although the sand proved to be detrimental to the motors after an extended period of time. The DokBot exploration program will be suspended for the summer holidays to give mission control an opportunity to complete important paperwork, but will return at some point next year where our aim is to reach front pitch!

Mr Win-Pe

An Update from Malawi

On the 29th June, along with Holly Nicholls from Starfish UK, we visited Salima LEA Primary School. We met with Sayfred, the link coordinator, who is very excited about the visit in October and looking forward to seeing the staff from Duke of Kent School.

The school block is going well and almost complete, but some more work needs to be done on the floors and guttering. Sayfred said the school is very much looking forward to using the three classrooms when the work is finished.

We also found out from Sayfred that since visiting Duke of Kent School with the last connecting classrooms grant he has established a student council at Salima LEA, which has been very successful. The student council discuss issues that are facing students and they communicate these issues to the school administrators. 

We were very impressed with their student council and along with Sayfred they will be putting together a short report about it for you over the next few weeks.

We also discussed the school garden which Becky and Matt worked on when they visited. Although the irrigation kit is currently dismantled, they have used it to produce several harvests which they have sold to help fund the school. When the weather becomes hotter they will be using it again to grow another harvest.

Sayfred mentions that developing the school garden and growing plants using the irrigation system is a project that the school would like to continue working on.

Sayfred, the staff and the children at Salima LEA send their greetings to everyone at Duke of Kent School.

Margaret and Emmanuel

Pre-prep Announcements

This afternoon Pre-prep had a small celebration to wish members of staff luck and to say some goodbyes.

Good luck to Miss Coady and Mr Green who are getting married next week, we wish you all the best for the BIG day!

Good luck to Mr and Mrs Nicholson who is due to have her first baby in August. Good luck and we look forward to meeting him or her.

Any finally, goodbye and good luck to Mrs Myer who is retiring this year. She's been invaluable for so many years and we will really miss her bubbly and smily face in the department.

Miss Munro

E-Safety Tips

This week I would like to point you in the direction of an article on the UK Safer Internet website. It gives families tips on how to set up accounts on social media safely. It looks at considerations such as user name, registered e mail address and profile pictures. The link can be found here:


Finally, do not forget to pick up your copy of ‘Digital Parenting’ from the sign out table opposite the front office.

Mr Southee