Weekly Bulletin 06/10/17

The Harvest Festival

We celebrated God's provision for us on Wednesday with the prep school Harvest festival assembly. The children were in fine voice singing the traditional 'All things bright and beautiful' and the less well known but equally melodic 'I mustn't forget'. We compared our produce in England with that of Malawi, where our twin school is, and thanked God for the variety of his provision. A huge thank you for all the wonderful donations that were bought in for Cranleigh food bank. So sad to think of families locally, near to us , who are unable to afford to feed their families, but heartening to know that you have helped them.

Thank you!

Mrs Pakenham

Artists in Residence - Olly&Suzi

On Thursday the Prep School were visited by collaborative artists Olly& Suzi. They showed some of their work and films and took questions from students. A number of students were also involved in a drawing workshop where students were encouraged to respond to the natural world and to use drawing as a tool to explore and understand the world around us.

Olly&Suzi also introduced students to some of the kit they use when working in the bush and exploring the diversity of landscapes they have interacted with; from drawing at temperatures of -40oC in the Arctic Circle, scuba diving alongside great white sharks while drawing them, and printmaking with crocodiles!

Through their work Olly&Suzi have tried to raise awareness of the plight of these animals, many of whom are endangered or facing extinction. Their projects and collaborations now extend into many different areas including music production, ballet, writing and film. For more information on Olly&Suzi please follow this link,


For those of you who would like to understand their work, motives and their place in the contemporary art scene follow these links they are featured in the following books available online:



I am delighted to add that the Senior School will not be missing out on this unique experience; Olly&Suzi will be joining us to work with them on the 17th of October.

Mr Watson

DofE Silver Practice Expedition and Bronze Qualification Expedition 29th Sep - 1st Oct

Silver: The Silver Practice group moved fast on all three days, making particular progress to make it from Chilworth to School in time for Parents Evening on Friday. The second day went similarly well while they spent longer on the third day after spending a little extra time in terrain west of Leith Hill - which is navigationally challenging as there are numerous additional trails which are not always easily apparent on the maps. They were well monitored by Miss Anand and Mr Ellarby. As individuals, and as a team, they performed impressively enough for me to begin planning for a post-GCSE Qualification expedition. I will now formally enrol them onto the Silver DofE programme - they should all be ready to consider how to complete the Volunteering (6 months) and Physical/Skills Requirement (either for 6 months, the other for 3 months) components as well.

Bronze: In terms of timeliness and readiness, for both days, this was one of the best Bronze groups yet - well done them, particularly as no other year group had attempted the Qualification Expedition so soon. The groups had to navigate across some challenging areas (including Box Hill and Leith Hill) in what I can best describe as 'fretful' weather - sometimes good, sometimes less so, and always unpredictable. They were well humoured and supportive of one another - an overall improvement from the Practice weekend. Our External Assessor for the weekend was impressed with numerous aspects of their performance, as well as the excellent support of the staff who helped monitor the groups: Mr Usher, Mrs Green, Mr Southee, Mr Macdonald, Mr Burwood, Mrs Green, Mr Monk, Mr Allen, Mrs LaCroix and Miss Jones. Mr Burwood and Miss Jones also oversaw the pupils overnight as Henfold Lakes, together with Mr Kettle. Mrs Sarjant (School Nurse) and Mr Taylor-Bowers (Chef) were also instrumental in providing medical support and Saturday's breakfast respectively. I will prompt them to complete the tasks (e.g. post-expedition presentation) as soon as we can, as well as the other three components of the Award (Volunteering, Skill, Physical).

Once again, a huge well done to every single participant - parents and participants should be proud of what they've achieved!

Mr Lodge

Year 1 Trip to Arundel Castle and Medieval Day

What an exciting fortnight we have had in Year one! Tuesday 26th September was Medieval Day in our classroom. Both children and teachers came into class in medieval dress and we spent our day getting a flavour of medieval life by making shields, baking bread, weaving and dancing. The day culminated in a medieval banquet, where the children ate soup and bread and entertained one another by telling jokes.

This Tuesday we visited Arundel Castle. We were extremely fortunate to pick a beautiful day! Our trip began with a tour of the castle, including a visit to the armoury, the lady-in waiting’s room and the dungeon. We explored the stunning gardens and were most impressed by the fountains and the ‘dancing crown’. After a sunny lunch in the garden we spent a happy hour in the education room learning about castle defence and dressing up in medieval outfits.

Mrs Crabtree

Careers Assembly

We are very fortunate to have an amazing and successful artist within our community. Mr Alexander Creswell, a local artist and parent of one of our current students was able to spare some time this week to speak to Year 7 to 11 about his career the Arts. He explained where his interest started and how he developed his interest by travelling around the world and sketching what he saw. In his studio he developed his sketches into watercolour masterpieces that were haunting yet detailed in a way that many would find hard to imagine was possible with this particular medium. As his reputation for this type of work grew he gained interesting and varied commissions from within the Royal Household to Russian Oligarchs. He pushed the boundaries of his field by producing increasingly larger watercolour works made possible by the advancement in the production of watercolour paper. The scale of some of his recent works adds to the impact and scope of one of his favourite his subject areas - abandoned yet beautiful and mysterious buildings from all corners of the world.
Alexander is complete self-taught and advised the students that with "dogged determination" you can achieved great things. The feedback from our students on this assembly was very positive and many stopped at the end to meet Alexander and ask him about his work.
If you wish to see more of his work it can be seen at www.portlandgallery.com/artists/31552/archive/Alexander-Creswell or simply go to google images. Alexander is also exhibiting his current work on Westminster Abbey.

Mrs LaCroix

Year 4 Assembly

On Wednesday the 27th of September 4G treated the Prep school to an assembly about Challenge. This assembly shared the importance of overcoming a challenge and challenge yourself to improve. True to form, the 4G assembly also included a musical element and this time we payed tribute to the iconic training montages from the Rocky film series.

All the children certainly rose to the challenge and gave a confident performance, despite only having a week of rehearsals! Well done 4G.

Mr Gritton

A few match reports from this week

House Cross Country: Years 9-11

Years 9-11 girls and boys took part in the House Cross Country on Tuesday afternoon. This was a new course (3200m) which took the runners around MacRobert field before making their way up the long hill towards the bridle path between Pitch Hill and Peaslake. They ran on the bridle path for approximately 1km before making their way back to the finish on MacRobert field. All runners should be very proud of their ability to sustain their technique and carry on during some particularly difficult inclines.

The first placed female and male runners were:

Year 9: Minnie C and Matty S

Year 10: Lucy W and Max T

Year 11: Andrew M and Josie M

Congratulations to all that took part; the overall result will be announced in an Assembly next week.

Mr Herbert

Netball: U14 v. Box Hill

On Wednesday the U14 girls’ Netball team played Box Hill at home. Box Hill started the game off with some fast paced movement around the court but not quite reaching their shooters as Minnie C (GK) and Hannah D (GD) were quick to intercept and control where their players were moving, stopping them from getting into a space and shooting. Our shooters were working hard scoring goals consistently with Megan-Rose A (GA) feeding the ball in to Sophie D (GS) after making textbook drives from outside the circle into under the post. Duke of Kent School were ahead at the end of the first half and Box Hill came back fighting. They had moved some players round as had we and this led to a very competitive second half with Box Hill scoring and our defense including Florence T (GK) and Jasmine B (WD) working hard to make those important interceptions. In the last quarter the girls slowed down their game and thought about spacing and who should be making the drives and how to avoid running into the same space and they managed to bring the score line up. The final score was 5-3 to Duke of Kent School. The score really reflects how much both teams were playing at their best and managing to cause disruption for one another’s play. Well done girls!

Miss Vernon

Netball: U9 v. Longacre

It was an exciting afternoon for our Year 3 and 4 girls as they had their first ever netball match against another school. Longacre School arrived and enjoyed a warm up in the sun whilst the Duke of Kent School prepared themselves for the match! Both teams played some fantastic Netball showcasing their accurate throwing and catching skills. The girls kept their team spirit high throughout the match and worked well as a team. Big congratulations to Saoirse W and Mille-Mai W for being awarded girls of the game by Longacre. Well done girls, we can't wait for next week's match!

Miss Vickers

Football: U9 Tournament at Handcross Park

Last Friday a mixture of year 3 and year 4 boys travelled to Handcross Park to play in the annual football tournament. Duke of Kent School were placed in a strong group but played well and made it to the Plate semi-final. We faced Handcross Park B who we managed to beat due to an own goal after a great cross from Monty L. In the final we met Brambletye who we had faced earlier in our group. We started well scoring through Oscar H after good build up play from Jude B. Unfortunately, we were not able to hold on and lost the final with a score of 2-1 to Brambletye. Well done to all those involved especially the three Year 3s who played up a year.

Mr Green

Whole School Reminder

Friday 13th October:

Music Evening - Nick Rye and the Accidentals 19:30pm

Senior School Reminder

Sunday 15th October:

Senior Production rehearsal 10:00am - 16:00pm

Pre-Prep Reminders

Tuesday 10th October:

Pre-Prep English Day

Oscar B's Big Performance

On the weekend of the 24th September, Oscar B in Year 8 attended and performed at the Japan Matsuri, in Trafalgar Square. Oscar not only met some of his heroes such as Hibiki Ishikawa, but performed with the Minyo group from SOAS. Oscar plays the Shamisen in the group.  Well done Oscar!

Mr Southee

Year 8 Macmillan Cake Sale

On Friday 29th September I, Martha McA, raised £448.55 (a new record) from my annual Macmillan cake sale.  I would like to say a BIG thank you to everyone who donated to this great charity and I am sure that Macmillan will be so grateful too.  I would also like to give an even bigger thank you to Year 8, I really appreciate all your help and all of their parents help in making such fabulous cakes to sell, including Mr. Young's wife who made a cake especially for our cake sale, it sold in seconds! Thank you again and I look forward to doing it again next year!

Martha McA, Year 8

Pre-Prep Stars of the Week

Nursery: Elsa H for settling into Nursery so well, displaying a kind, confident attitude and developing independence.

Nursery: Henry H for settling in to Nursery with confidence and displaying an enthusiastic attitude to all activities.

Reception: Rupert L for settling quickly into reception, and for always being polite and well mannered.

Year 1: Fenella W for having a super conscientious attitude to her learning and following instructions carefully.

Year 2: Erin C for thoughtfulness towards others, often helping to resolve disagreements maturely.

Mrs Green

E-Safety Tips

Simplified Social Media

One of the most annoying things in life is having to pour through page after page of terms and conditions. However, slimmed down versions of the terms and conditions for the leading social media platforms have recently been released. This came about from a report by the Children's Commissioner, Anne Longford, who said that companies were not doing enough to help children understand what exactly they were signing up for when they accessed these sites. Although the summaries are mainly aimed at 16 years and below, they actually make for really useful reading for anyone of any age who uses these sites, especially if 17+ page legal documents aren't your cup of tea.

Here are each of the documents, I hope you find them useful!

Facebook: https://cloud.dukeofkentschool.org.uk/public.php?service=files&t=7cb2e39efd4651b5e756e355873f7d9e

Instagram: https://cloud.dukeofkentschool.org.uk/public.php?service=files&t=d77533c6d9ed512a937509e475848b59

Snapchat: https://cloud.dukeofkentschool.org.uk/public.php?service=files&t=5e967cd9a2e09408e51af683e3822de4

WhatsApp: https://cloud.dukeofkentschool.org.uk/public.php?service=files&t=cf1c90e50ef67f66e0b3b325b5e00b36

YouTube: https://cloud.dukeofkentschool.org.uk/public.php?service=files&t=377301fdac5b31440eebb00a2c29cf36

Thanks for reading!

Mr Win-Pe

Paws For Thought

I have been struck this week by the sense of community at our school. From the teachers, cooks, cleaners, ground staff and of course the pupils. God calls us to be in community as he shows us how to love each other as He loves us. We have the image of the Trinity; Father, Son and Holy Spirit to inspire us and guide us as we seek to live in harmony with all.

Have a peaceful and harmonious weekend.

With every Blessing

Mrs Pakenham

PADoK News

Nick Rye & The Accidentals - tickets are selling fast!

The event is now SOLD OUT! Thank you to all who have booked, it's sure to be a great evening.

PADoK Walks

We've had a few lovely walks with breathtaking views from the top Pitch & Holmbury Hills. If you'd like to join a future walk please email padok@dokschool.org for more info. One hour walks are on a mix of days with longer walk on some Fridays.

Baskets & hampers needed

PADoK would be very grateful for any baskets, hampers or boxes you're happy to donate to hold prizes for our annual Christmas Raffle. Please drop off in the front office.

Huge thanks, the PADoK Team