Weekly Bulletin 04/05/2018

Music students to see the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra

On Thursday evening this week, senior music students attended G Live for a programme of superb classical music, performed by the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra under the baton of Michał Nesterowicz.

The orchestra having assembled on stage, the lights dimmed welcoming Maestro Nestorwicz to the podium for the first piece - Edvard Grieg's Holberg Suite - the Norwegian composer's Romantic take on five Baroque dances.

The RPO were then joined by sensational young soloist Esther Yoo for Sibelius' Violin Concerto, throughout which Yoo's virtuosic skill stunned an appreciative audience, not least our DoK cohort who were wide-eyed and open-mouthed for the duration!

The show was closed with Brahms' energetic 1st Symphony, whose climactic, joyous final few bars were met with roaring applause - a fantastic conclusion to a momentous programme.

Once again, our students were an absolute pleasure to spend an evening with, never faltering in their respect and intrigue for the music and the incredible musicians playing it

Mr Kaye

Year 10 GCSE Geography Trip to Dorset

On Thursday 19th April, Year 10 geography students took  two minibuses down to Southampton, to find out the answer to our first enquiry, ‘Is Southampton a sustainable city?’. We did a traffic count, questionnaire, and finally a self- judged environmental quality survey. Afterwards we got back on the minibus and drove to the youth hostel, in Lulworth. We then went on a walk in the baking sun down to Lulworth Cove and Durdle Door, where we studied how they were formed.

On Friday, we set off early for a walk along the Jurassic Coast from Studland Bay to Swanage. Our second enquiry was ‘Are the beach management strategies in Swanage effective?’. On the way, we passed Old Harry Rocks, which was a great sight to see, as it is constantly evolving. After some free time in Swanage, we studied the different sea defences that are in place. We measured the heights of the groynes to see how effective they were, before heading back to school. It was a great trip, with fantastic weather, along one of the most beautiful coastlines in the UK.

Dugald P

Year 7 English Workshop at the Royal Courts of Justice

Year 7 were in the privileged position of visiting the esteemed Royal Courts of Justice in London on Tuesday. Before attending our workshop, we managed to find some welcomed peace and serenity in the Middle Temple quad, where we chose to have lunch. This quiet area, where barristers and solicitors were scuttling back and forth to their offices, was a welcomed relief from the hustle and bustle of The Strand.

We were all struck by the grandeur of the interior of The Courts once we entered; the pupils’ first impressions of the building were its elegance and its age. We were led through the long, echoing corridors and vast courtyards into our courtroom: number 38. The door was unlocked, and we were all surprised to see how very modern it was. The room was filled with TVs, microphones and fluorescent lights! Pupils quickly identified how much our perceptions of courtrooms are influenced by American television!

After learning all about the British judicial system, we were excited to see Year 7 set up for the mock trial they had been preparing for in lessons- a harassment case, linked to cyberbullying. The pupils took their roles (ranging from judge, clerk and usher, barristers and solicitors, to witnesses and jury members) very seriously. This meant that the trial ran very smoothly and with great professionality. We, as staff, were very proud of all pupils and their approach. They were all so convincing in their roles that the jury members voted a majority ‘guilty’ verdict- the very same which was reached in the real life case this trial was based upon.

Well done to all pupils. This was a thoroughly interesting and enjoyable trip which may well have inspired some budding legal minds!

Mrs Southee

Year 4 Class Assembly 'Britain Had Talent'

On Wednesday Year 4 treated the Prep School and Pre-Prep to a rather different assembly which show cased the brand new TV show ‘Britain Had Talent’. The premise of the show is that famous Victorians shared their accomplishments and how they made a difference, the judges would then decide whether they deserved a seat in the ‘Hall of Fame’. Some of the Victorians that took part in the show were Florence Nightingale, John Cadbury, Mathew Webb and Alexander Graham Bell.

The children should all be very proud of how their performance skills and confidence have developed over this year. As you can tell it was an ambitious assembly to rehearse in the time we had but 4G rose to the challenge and delivered a superb performance which helped them deliver the important message of our assembly, that everybody can make a difference.
Well done 4G!

Mr Gritton

Year 3 trip to Butser Ancient Farm

On Monday, Year 3 braved the elements on their visit to Butser Ancient Farm. This was to support our learning on Roman Britain. We began the day in an Iron Age roundhouse, sitting round the cosy fire learning about the materials and methods used in the building.  The children created a chalk carving to Sol the sun god with the intention of improving the weather. We then had a tour of a Roman villa looking at the hypocaust, frescoes and structure. The children also had an opportunity to make their own mosaic pictures focusing on symmetry. After an archaeological investigation, we made torcs and rings inspired by Roman and Celtic designs. Despite the weather, we had a thoroughly interesting and enjoyable day out!

Mrs Nicholson and Miss Nott

Reception trip to RSPB Pulborough Brooks

On 1st May, Reception visited Pulborough Brooks RSPB Nature reserve. We enjoyed a very busy and fun packed day. We started with pond dipping. Everybody took turns to swish the big nets into the pond and found some amazing pond creatures including great crested newt tadpoles, back skaters, damsel fly nymphs, bloodworms and hundreds of water fleas. We calculated how many different species we had found by putting a peg onto a card indicting the creature we had discovered, some were so tiny we had to use magnifying glasses!

Next we went into the wooded meadow and conducted a minibeast hunt using a range of equipment. We found, spiders, flies, worms, beetles, woodlice to name but a few. Then, we played a great game to pretend we were earwigs and visited all the things we needed to stay alive; air, water, food, sunlight and shelter. Throughout the day we were led by a team of experts from the RSPB reserve that shared their knowledge and answered all of the interesting questions posed by the children.

Later, we enjoyed a lovely picnic lunch and had time to play on the play equipment including a huge climbing net and fun tunnel area. The weather was thankfully wonderful and the children’s behaviour was exemplary throughout the day. We had a very busy and active day and got back to school happy but exhausted.

Mrs Henry

Nursery trip to Bocketts Farm

This Wednesday Nursery class went to Bocketts Farm. Despite a terrible forecast and 100% possibility of heavy rain, we managed to keep our sunny dispositions and had a wonderful time. We went on a tractor ride and saw many animals and their young. Then we fed sheep, goats and cows, they certainly were hungry! During the animal handling session, the children held a rabbit, some guinea pigs, a beautiful chicken and a tiny mouse. After a lovely lunch in a cosy barn, we set off to explore the soft play areas, which was so much fun. The children thoroughly enjoyed themselves and have learnt some interesting facts about farm animals and their young.

Mrs Ragless

This Months Featured Books

For Prep:

The Blue Whale by Jenni Desmond

An affectionate tour of an alternate universe right here on earth, where it’s possible to grow by nine pounds an hour and never sleep.

No creature compresses the edgeless grandeur of our Pale Blue Dot into a single body as perfectly as the blue whale. Alongside Jenni Desmond’s immeasurably warm and large-hearted illustrations is her simply worded, deeply intelligent synthesis of what marine biologists know about this extraordinary mammal. She worked closely with Diane Gendron, a marine biologist who studies blue whales. At the heart of the book is a compassionate curiosity about the beings with whom we share this world.


For Seniors:

Darwin: A Graphic Biography by Eugene Byrne

Charles Darwin — father of evolution, decoder of human emotion, hopeless romantic, occasional grump — was born on February 12, 1809. We join the young Darwin on a ‘beetling’ expedition. With specimens in both hands, and anxious to get another, Darwin ends up stuffing the third beetle into his mouth. Darwin: A Graphic Biography takes us into the life and times of Darwin — tracing his intellectual adventures amidst the fascinating scientific world of the 1800s.


Miss Blake

Match report from this week

U8 + 9 Rounders

On Thursday afternoon, the sun finally came out in perfect timing for Duke of Kent School's U9 and U8 matches against Amesbury. It was the girls first rounders match this term so excitement was high! Both team showed some brilliant skills when fielding including some great throwing and catching. Some highlight batters included Sydney R and Lucy P who both showed some great running and awareness of the game. Well done to all the Year 3&4 girls involved for an enthusiastic effort throughout the afternoon!

Miss Vickers

U14s vs Shoreham College

On Tuesday the Under 14s travelled to Shoreham College for their 2nd match of the season. Duke of Kent School won the toss and elected to bowl first. We managed to restrict Shoreham College to 74 from their 16 overs due to accurate bowling from Sam I and Monte G. Duke of Kent School started slowly but managed to get ahead of the run rate due to attacking batting from Alex W scoring 13 off 13 balls. Archie L played a mature innings opening the batting and seeing Duke of Kent School home with 24 runs from 22 balls. Well done to all the boys who played showing concentration in the field and catching skills.

U8s vs Belmont School

On Thursday Duke of Kent School hosted Belmont U8s in a double cricket fixture on top pitch. The Tigers restricted Belmont to 110 with accurate bowling from Seb D and Chester S. Unfortunately we were not able to chase down the total but there was some hard hitting on display from Jude L and Sam R. The Panthers were involved in a close match losing out by 1 run from some lovely stroke play from Heath P and fast bowling from Louis N. There was some brilliant catching on display and accurate bowling from all pupils involved.

Mr Green

Whole School Reminders:

Monday 7th May:


Wednesday 9th May:

PADoK Uniform shop open 15:00 - 16:00

 Thursday 10th May:

Lunchtime singing recital for pupils of Mr. Clifford Hill 12:45 - 13:30

Thursday 10th May:

Choir's Holland trip showcase 18:30 - 19:30

Friday 11th May:


Do make sure pupils are looking smart and tidy for the photograph!

Friday 11th May:

Lunchtime drum recital for pupils of Mr. Hall 12:45 - 13:30

Saturday 12th May

OPEN MORNING -  Click HERE For more information on how to book a place.

Senior School Reminders:

Tuesday 8th - Friday 11th May

GCSE MFL Oral Examination

Tuesday 8th May:

Years 7, 8 & 9 - Mastery Mindsets Workshops with InnerDrive

Prep School Reminder:

Wednesday 9th May:

Year 6 English trip to Ewhurst Riverside

Pre-Prep Reminder:

Wednesday 9th May:

Pre-Prep Swimming Gala 09:00-10:00

Pre-prep Stars of the Week

Nursery: Henry H for working really hard with great motivation and persistence and Teddy S for displaying initiative and a caring and thoughtful attitude towards his peers.

Reception: Rupert L for increased confidence with reading.

Year 1: Tom C-G for super progress in attitude to learning and for showing great focus in class.

Year 2: Erin C for making good progress with her Numeracy, showing excellent teamwork to create her own number story.

Mrs Green

Music Department News

On Thursday pupils of Mr Kaye and Mrs Young took part in the first of our annual lunchtime recitals. These recitals offer a relaxed and informal environment for all the pupils who have instrumental or singing lessons to perform and gain that valuable performance experience. At this concert we had a lovely mix of cello and piano and a fabulous turnout of parents, staff and pupils to support. Keep an eye on the calendar for many more to come!

Next Thursday at 6.30 in the PA Hall we are holding the showcase for the Senior Choir's recent trip to Holland. If you would like to come and hear this wonderful choir recreate their concert programme and also see a few photos and videos from the tour, please do come along next week.

Mr Rye

E-Safety Tips

You may have seen that Facebook launched a messenger app aimed specifically at children aged 12 and under, called Messenger Kids. If it is a service you currently use, you may be interested to know that a "Sleep Mode" function is being added for parents who want to limit the amount of time their children spend on the app. The way it works is that the app can be told to shut down during certain times of the day, such as during dinner or homework times, so that children can only use it when they are allowed. Although confidence in Facebook is at an all-time low, they hope that this update shows their commitment in promoting safe online interactions for children.

Here are some articles for further reading:



Thanks for reading!

Mr Win-Pe

Pause For Thought

'It may be hard for an egg to turn into a bird: it would be a jolly sight harder for it to learn to fly while remaining an egg. We are like eggs at present. And you cannot go on indefinitely being just an ordinary, decent egg.'

This quote from C.S Lewis helps me to understand the journey of faith. We can go through life not knowing or asking what we are here for.

In youth Alpha (a course I'm running on Thursday afternoons) we are exploring what it might look like to 'hatch' out of our egg; to discover what sort of bird we are and to learn to fly. We are exploring the possibility that there may be a God who knew us before we were born, who loves us unconditionally and who craves a relationship with us. If this is the case, would this enable us to 'hatch', spread our wings and discover a life in all it's fullness?

It's a real privilege to be part of a school community that encourages a growth mindset not only within an academic context but as a skill for life.

Please see the link below for more information on Alpha (apologies for it not being included last time!)


I hope you and your families having a sunny and restful bank holiday weekend.

With every blessing

Mrs Pakenham