Weekly Bulletin 08/03/2019

From Mrs Knox

What a fantastic day on Thursday as we celebrated World Book Day. It was a great opportunity to talk about the importance of reading and the way books can positively enhance your life. I applaud the teachers who took the day in great spirit and came dressed in some imaginative costumes. Sincere thanks to our Head of English, Miss Anand and her team for a fabulous day. House music today was another triumph with Hillary awarded the much coveted trophy.

World Book Day

Walking through the corridors of Duke of Kent School on Thursday 7th March was like dropping down the rabbit hole and encountering a plethora of individuals of all shapes and sizes. The Prep school and staff had completely taken on board the idea of dressing up for World Book day and compiled a wonderful array of costumes. There was a Hungry Caterpillar; Paddington; several Harry Potters; Worst Witches and numerous Walliams and Dahl inspired characters.

The day started with an amazing parade, where the pre-Prep and Prep school walked through a tunnel of Seniors, accompanied by much cheering and clapping. The morning assembly was focused around the idea of ‘excuses not to read’ – common comments which we hear as English teachers. However, the highlight of the assembly must go to Mrs Knox, her ‘carpet bag’ and Mr Seeley’s capturing of Mrs Knox’s whale!

This was followed by several activities, including a house quiz and the making of Reading Journeys. There was no rest from the theme, even at lunch, where the amazing catering staff had cooked up some delicious delicacies from the ever favourite ‘Roald Dahl Revolting Recipe Book’, Snozzcumbers and Frobscottle being a particular favourite! The day culminated in the Year 7 and 9s reading and listening to the Prep school pupils’ favourite books. It was a wonderful, magical day and one that was thoroughly enjoyed by all involved. A massive thank you goes to Miss Anand, Mrs Punter, Mr Wright and Mrs Green for organising such a superb, fun day and an extra thank you to the Catering Team for an exciting book themed lunch.

The English Department

The National Apprenticeship Show

Fifteen Year 10 students opted to go to the National Apprenticeship Show with me on Wednesday 6th March at Sandown Park. We met some very interesting people many who were currently undertaking the apprenticeship route to NVQ Level 3-7 (Level 5 is equivalent to a Foundation Degree, Level 6 to a Batchelor’s degree and Level 7 to a Postgraduate or Master’s Degree). I spoke to two very engaging young people undertaking Level 6/7 Apprenticeships with the Lloyds Insurance Underwriters. They explained that it was very competitive to get onto this particular scheme and that they had beaten literally hundreds of applicants based mainly on their extra-curricular experiences. This highlights yet again how important it is to stand out from the crowd when applying for anything from a course to a job. Some of the experiences they indicated that helped their application where any work experience, Duke of Edinburgh, volunteer work home and abroad, working in summer camps etc. I experienced this theme with many of the exhibitors that I spoke to. It proves that interpersonal and social skills, working as a team, etc are skills that are valued highly by employers in addition to academic qualifications.

The year 10’s spoke to a wide range of employers and apprenticeship providers including: Virgin Media , Lloyds Bank, Unilever, Deloitte, Martin Baker Aerospace, Ford, Mercedes, RAF, British Army, Royal navy, Schroders, Arch Apprenticeships, National Physical Laboratory, Chartered Insurance Institute, ICAEW, Pearsons College London, and Southampton University to name but a few. Degree level apprenticeships covered everything Finance, Accountancy, Science, Engineering, HR, Investment management, Logistics and Cyber Security.

I was very proud of our student conduct and attitude they asked many insightful questions, spoke to a wide range of people and were rewarded for their charm and engagement with lots of goodies and pens!

Careers Assembly

Next up (15 March) is Mrs Harewood speaking to Senior School about her career starting off as a Paediatric Dietician and ending up implementing a new care initiative working with some of this country’s neediest children in the first UK Child House “The Lighthouse” .

If there are any other parents who feel willing and able to share the inside information on their chosen career with our senior school students, please contact Mrs LaCroix directly on llacroix@dokschool.org

Mrs LaCroix

Year 3 Trip to Kew Gardens

On Monday, 3N visited Kew Gardens to support our topic work on rainforests and to bring it to life. We were treated to a brilliant workshop and the children had the opportunity to explore a number of artefacts made by rainforest people. They also used their senses to touch, smell and taste some rainforest food as well as see the raw ingredients to some everyday items. We then walked around the Palm House experiencing the humidity of a tropical rainforest. We were all fascinated to see how many useful resources there were amongst the plants to provide food, medicine and shelter. In the afternoon, we explored some of the other trees around Kew, finding an almost 300 year old oak tree! There was also a beautiful orchid festival in the Princess of Wales Conservatory and the children were very excited to see the display of carnivorous plants. The children really impressed us with their knowledge and we all learnt some new and interesting facts!

I really enjoyed seeing the carnivorous plants and the gift shop! - Patrick W

I enjoyed looking at all the rainforest plants especially the giant bamboo! - Isabella N

We saw the world's biggest seed (coco de mer) and I was fascinated because it can feed itself for two years! - Elliott S

Miss Nott

Year 2 Trip to Brickies

On Tuesday, Year 2 ventured to Brickies Lego Club in Wokingham. The children were full of excitement and suspense in the weeks leading up to the trip as the venue had been kept a complete surprise! Their faces lit up when they received the news after registration and as you can imagine, the bus was buzzing on our outward journey!

Upon arrival, we were greeted by our fantastic host, Jamie, who revved up the energy even more with the promise of a fun-filled day of construction and challenge. Our Lego experience on the day linked beautifully with our current Science topic, plants. Jamie explained to us that Brickies' Lego Captain, Gaz, needed urgent help constructing an enchanted garden full of every type of flower imaginable, some pollinators and somewhere appropriate to house delicate plants. We began work at once! Working as a team, we brainstormed what flowers we’d like to create and discussed the colours we should use for each part of the plant. We reminded ourselves of a pollinator’s role and decided to build some buzzing bees, beautiful butterflies and cute ladybirds to help pollinate Gaz’s garden. Finally, we thought carefully about the kind of building that would keep our most delicate flowers safe whilst still providing for their needs.

Although the finished gardens were mesmerising, I was most proud of the journey the children took to reach their final products. The children absolutely astounded me with their teamwork, imagination and creative prowess; not only were they a credit to Duke of Kent School, but they were also a credit to themselves. Well done to all in Year 2.

Miss Able

Year 4 Assembly

The Prep School Council did a really “RUBBISH” assembly on Thursday 28th February – it was such a WASTE of time! YES- this was the introduction to WASTE WEEK in the Prep School! The Council had worked hard to present a play about how rubbish can be recycled in different ways. They also explained to the Prep School that on average each pupil throws away about 72g of food every lunch time during a school week. The pupils learnt that we throw away 7 million tonnes of food and drink from our homes every year, the majority of which could have been eaten. This costs us over £12 billion a year, harms the environment and equates to around 1/5 (19%) of the food we buy.

The School Council also encouraged pupils to think about how much plastic they use and to think about how to recycle or reuse resources.

Kai G, one of the Year 6 representatives, wrote this about the assembly.

“During the assembly to introduce Waste Week we told a story about certain items being found in a landfill site ( cans, plastic bottles etc) and the children accompanied by Mother Nature made a decision on whether we should Reduce, Reuse or Recycle them. Towards the end of the assembly we recited a poem and finally tested the rest of the Prep School on what they knew.

The aim for Waste Week is to encourage all pupils to think about the different ways they can stop wasting resources. For example pupils suggested they could try to clear their plates at lunchtime, remember to switch off lights when they leave the classroom, reuse paper and bring a water bottle to school rather than using a paper cup each time they want a drink of water. Many of these are also part of our 40 Acts of Kindness.

The Prep School took part in a litter pick this week and discovered that the litter they collected could be divided into three main parts:

  1. Plastic Bottles- 20 in total ( found around the Pavilion)
  2. Sweet wrappers.
  3. Plastic garden waste.

A few match reports from this week

Football: U12 and U13's v. Belmont

On Wednesday afternoon, a mixture of Year 7 and 8 girls travelled to Belmont to play their first football match of the year! The girls were full of excitement, even the rain and mud did not put them off! Every player got stuck in straight away with some strong tackles and good skills on show throughout the match. Duke of Kent School started well with some great chances created by the midfield players but they could not quite convert the chances into goals. The game continued in the rain but enthusiasm shined through, the girls never gave up and were eventually rewarded with a goal from Mille W-D! A big well done to Maddie I, Macy B and Amber C for having a great go at being in goal! Congratulations to all the girls involved and we look forward to continuing to play matches in a large variety of sports!

Miss Vickers

Netball: U13/12 v. Moon Hall College

On Wednesday afternoon an U13/U12 team took on Moon Hall College. Huge amounts of preparations were undertaken including group warm ups, team talks and shooting practice. Duke of Kent School were soon leading with some quick goals scored by GS and GA. Due to some strong defensive teamwork between GK, GD and WD, joined with accurate centre court passes from C and WA, the half time score was 6-3 in Duke of Kent School's favour. The momentum continued into the second half with some fantastic set-plays being demonstrated on back line passes. Both teams got into a rhythm and some excellent netball was shown by everyone. Congratulations to the well deserved girls of the game, Ruby K and Hannah M!

Miss Godfrey

School Reminders

Whole School Reminder

Wednesday 13th March:

GLive! Concert 19:00

Senior School Reminder

Friday 15th March:

Year 9 Enterprise Day

Prep School Reminders

Tuesday 12th March:

Years 4 & 5 trip to Milestones Museum

Thursday 14th March:

Prep School Pi Day

Year 6 Parents Tour of the Senior School 08:30 - 09:30

Year 6 Parents "Online Safety in the Senior School" talk 09:30 - 10:00

Pre-Prep School Reminders

Monday 11th March:

Pre-Prep Parents' meetings 15:30 - 17:00

Thursday 14th March:

Pre-Prep Maths Day

Duke of Cat

It hasn’t been quite the puurffect week at Duke of Kent School this week. My normal routine was completely turned upside down yesterday and I did find “World Book Day” quite bewildering. The children, dressed in some rather splendid costumes, seemed to have lots of fun chasing me with their broomsticks. Of course, I could outrun them with ease. I would have like the chance to dress up myself but couldn’t find a super hero cape in my size. However, now I know it will be an annual fixture, I shall be sporting something splendid next year.

Miaow miaow...


Stars of The Week

Nursery: Elise S for displaying good listening skills and improved mark making

Reception: Olivia W for creating lovely independent expressive art projects and free writing.

Year 1: Bea T-R for her fantastic attitude to school and always arriving with a big smile.

Year 2: William T for brilliant progress and effort in reading

Mrs Green

E-Safety Tips

An enquiry is currently being held by the Digital, Culture, Media and Sport Select Committee to investigate technology addiction, with some former gaming addicts talking MPs about the dangers of spending too much time online and how to curb it. Communicating boundaries and making sure there is a clear limit on time spent on technology is a good start.

They also talked about noticing symptoms that they were becoming addicted such as avoiding people in favour of playing, not eating or drinking or sleeping, and constantly thinking about gaming.

However, it is important to understand that games are not always the problem and are instead the outlet for other things that may be going on in that persons work, social, or family life, and treating the root cause for turning to gaming is key to recovery.

If you recognise the signs of addiction in someone you know then consider pointing them towards gamequitters, a forum to help people manage it.

Here are some links for more information:



Thanks for reading!

Mr Win-Pe

Pause for Thought

This Wednesday saw the beginning of Lent. Did you know that for centuries the humble pretzel was a popular food to eat during this season?

It was reportedly invented in around 610 by an Italian monk and given to children who managed to memorise their prayers correctly!

It was adopted by the Catholic church as a symbol of prayer - they used to cross their arms to pray - and was made simply by using water, flour and salt as all types of meat, dairy and eggs were prohibited during lent.

So if you happen to eat a pretzel in the next 40 days you are in good company with the many thousands of Christians who have gone before!

With every blessing

Rev'd Kia

PADoK News

Book Club

A wonderful evening was had by all at PADoK’s first book club meeting.
Over a glass of wine and a few nibbles everybody enjoyed discussing Eleanor Oliphant is completely fine, before awarding the book 8/10.

Our next book club evening will be on Thursday 9th May at 8pm in Old Hall. We shall be discussing “The Good Daughter” By Karin Slaughter.

Mum’s, Dad's, Granny’s, Grandads, Aunts and Uncles all are very welcome.

Second-hand uniform shop will next be open on Wednesday 20th March 3pm-4pm. A great opportunity to stock up on summer uniform.

Mrs Trotman