Weekly Bulletin 01/02/2019

From Mrs Knox

I have been totally captivated by the beauty of the area. I now know why Henry Doulton claimed to be “permanently bewitched” by the beauty of the spot in which he chose to build his house. The snow this week has transformed the school and has been enjoyed by staff and students alike! It also provided a perfect reason for our new drone, kindly donated to us by PADoK, to take its inaugural flight and I hope you enjoy the footage.

There have been many highlights for me this week and you can read all about them below. The Year 5 assembly on gravity and forces was superb as were the presentations by Year 9 on the different ways of generating electricity. I also enjoyed reading the narratives by Year 1 on their trip into Cranleigh as they explored the topic: “ Looking at People who help us”. It certainly has been a busy week and I hope you get some time to enjoy the snow with the family this weekend.

Mrs Knox

News from our friends at Salima LEA

While we sit blanketed in snow, our Malawian link school, Salima LEA, basks in the low 20’s (a little cold for the time of year) in the midst of the rainy season. The rains have been particularly bad this season and the teachers’ houses, which date back to 1957, no longer keep off the worst of the weather. This season one teacher’s roof was completely destroyed.

Over the last few years Duke of Kent School have been raising funds for Salima LEA through a number of charitable initiatives including cake sales, the ever popular ‘sponge the teacher’ stall and mufti days. Just before Christmas, we made the decision to target the money raised at developing the school’s buildings, including the teacher’s houses. Harry, Salima’s Head commented in his latest news letter that the allocation of the money we have raised could not have come at a better time.

It is a norm in Malawi for teachers live at the school. This promotes punctuality as well as extra lessons, as teachers give their spare time to be with classes after school hours. Even though the school’s infrastructure is not the best, the teachers work tirelessly with the students. Last year their hard work paid off; 57 students were selected to go to secondary school in 2017/2018 academic year. This may not sound like a great event to us, but this additional education will make a huge difference to student’s future prospects. We are really proud to support Harry and his staff at Salima LEA with the work they do in the very difficult circumstances they find themselves in.

Mr Watson

Senior School Council Meeting

In this week’s Senior Student Council the team discussed how we could ‘renovate’ the school, looking at what aspects of the school we liked and must keep and what aspects we would like to change. Many championed the freedom pupils get around the school site, the new study room area and the range of sports we take part in. Interesting proposals were made regarding rules about jewellery and hair as well as mobile phones and a very stimulating discussion ensued. We also discussed the virtues of mixing ages within form groups and whether we should be considering completing GCSE Options a year earlier so as to allow for an extra year of GCSE classes. As always the feedback gathered from the students was extremely useful and will be passed on to relevant departments for review.

Mr Wilson

Prep School Council Meeting

" What makes an excellent lesson?" Each year group spent some time discussing their ideas before contributing to the general discussion. The pupils felt that having fun was one of the most important aspects of an excellent lesson. Ideas such as being encouraged to be independent, having work that suited their ability, being given the opportunity to be challenged and being able to be involved in lots of activities during a lesson were all thought be be very important elements too. All these contributions have been passed on to Mrs Knox and will be used in conjunction with the ideas that the staff have had on the same topic.

Mrs Lock

Year 5 Assembly

Year 5 performed an energetic and fast moving Assembly highlighting the variety of forces we encounter in our daily lives. Gravity, Air resistance, Friction, Upthrust, Push and Pull were all demonstrated in practical and fun ways. Friction was shown to be largely absent as Jessica skidded across the hall in her socks. Conversely Quentin showed how his shoes created much more Friction and a greater resistance as Henry C tried to pull him across the floor with his shoes on! Isla B and Belles H illustrated how a force such as a crazy dog on a lead can make you reluctantly change direction. Oscar H showed how gravity is a force to be reckoned with, when he jumped down from a height onto a cardboard box. Chester B, Josh E and Saoirse W explained how balanced forces counteract, as they participated in a tug of war with one another, while Leo T-R revealed how a force meter is used to measure forces in Newtons. Dressed in sports gear, Sydney R rushed past with James B shouting encouragement for her to “push” on and move faster. Tom M went on to explain how the upthrust force in water keeps us floating. Daisy N described how Air Resistance is similar to Friction as Belles and Isla had a race to the floor with a flat piece of paper and a scrunched up piece of paper. Matilda R and Troy K helped to narrate the Greek Myth of Icarus and Daedalus, and how Chester B, as Icarus, came to a sad end as he did not heed Daedalus’ warning not to fly too close to the sun. Gravity was indeed a deadly force in the end! Throughout the performance, Daisy R. moved skilfully around the stage holding up the signs for the force being demonstrated. The Assembly ended with a prayer and all of Year 5 sang the Bill Withers song “Lean On Me,” to encourage us to use our own force for good.

Mrs Turner

Prep School's small deeds of kindness

Small deeds of kindness all contribute to making our school such a friendly place. With this in mind, congratulations to Edie H, Erin C, Annabelle R, Rose S, Tom B, Troy K, Henry C, Oscar H, Quentin J, Josie B, Clara H-S, Johnny Mc and Chester S for being nominated by their friends for acts of thoughtfulness this week. Some examples include helping find missing coats, tidying up after group activities, helping find words in the dictionary, playing with each other and looking out for people who might be in need of a friendly face. Next week we will be focusing on showing patience as our value.

Mrs Nicholson

Reception and Year 1 "looking at people who help us in Cranleigh"

Reception and Year 1 went to Cranleigh to look at People Who Help Us in the community. We started by going to the library, where a librarian called Jane spoke to us about libraries and how we can take out up to 20 books every 3 weeks, as long as we are a member of the library. We all thought that that was quite a lot! Following that we walked over the road and visited the church, we spoke about how we have to be quiet and respectful of others in this space. We then went for a walk to the fire station, where the fireman kindly showed us his fire truck, again! The children were very excited to see the station and learn where it is in Cranleigh.

 We then walked to the leisure centre, where Vanessa spoke to us about lifeguards and the equipment that they use to help us. We learnt about the different flags a lifeguard uses. She then showed us the gym and the exercise class room, talking to us about how important it is to stay fit and how the leisure centre is a place where people can come to help stay healthy. Following this tour of the leisure centre, the children took full advantage of the soft play area, where they had a good play and of course their lunch.

After lunch we went for a walk up the high street where we visited an optician, a bank, spoke about the charity shops and went into Co-op and Sainsbury’s. The children learnt to look for people in uniforms if they need to ask for help. We finished our trip by having a quick play in the playground, before the rain came.

Miss Walpole

Pause for Thought

Life can sometimes be a bit of a struggle can't it? So many challenges to navigate, relationships to maintain, deadlines to meet and bills to pay.

These can lead us into feelings of unworthiness, low self esteem and anxiety.

Throughout history people have felt the same, and God knows this. He knows us. He knows and loves us, even the bits we don't. The bible is full of personal struggle and cries for help and the stories pay testament to a loving and faithful God who never abandons his people but is with them in their pain and their heartache as well as their joy and their triumphs.

There is peace in knowing that we are loved. Just as we are.

With every blessing

Reverend Kia

A few match reports from this week

Girls' Hockey: U14 v. St. Edmund's

On Tuesday afternoon, Duke of Kent School’s U14 hockey team played against St Edmund’s on the Wilsons’ Pitch. After a good warm up, the girls were ready to play with a strong formation and a positive attitude. The team started well with some very accurate passes from the midfield players to give Kiki B, Alice S and Laura S the opportunity to have some shots on goal. Milly B worked tirelessly on the wing and helped to deliver the ball into the D. In addition to the wonderful work on the attacking side, the players in defence were also working hard to keep St Edmund’s from scoring with Saffron makes some big saves in goal. Millie L, Daisy M and Martha M made some great clearances with pace and accuracy. Daisy K came onto the pitch and played a crucial role in midfield making numerous tackles and winning the ball back to enable Duke of Kent School to extend their lead. Very good performances from the whole team lead to a well deserved win, congratulations girls!

Miss Vickers

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School Reminders

Whole School Reminders:

Tuesday 5th February

Safer Internet Day

Friday 8th February

Music Evening 19:30

Senior School Reminders:

Thursday 7th February

Year 10 GCSE DT trip to the Design Museum

Thursday 7th February

Year 9 GCSE Options Evening

Pre-Prep Reminder:

Friday 7th February

Pre-Prep parents online safety tips 15:00 - 15:30

Duke of Cat

It has been a purrrfect week at the Duke of Kent School.

Learning is important to me, particularly at this time of the year when there is snow on the ground, as the classrooms are heated perfectly. Having made my complete tour of the school, I have found the optimal conditions are in Pre-Prep. You might be surprised to hear, given my pedigree, that I didn’t attend school as a kitten. I now realise that something must be done about my literacy and numeracy skills. With the adage ringing in my ear: "it’s never too late to start", I began this week, in earnest, to learn my letters and numbers in Nursery. Who knows, I might end up studying veterinary science at university!

Miaow, miaow


Pre-Prep Snow Sledging

There might have only been a little bit of snow but that didn’t stop us from dusting off the sledge and enjoying it! Nursery have been looking at Winter over the last few weeks so we decided it would be a great opportunity to get out into the ‘real snow’ and look closely at the snowflakes and animal tracks with our magnifying glasses (Nursery thought the prints were Sydney’s!). The rest of Pre-prep joined during their playtime to have a turn at sledging, and of course a few of the teachers had to see what all the fun was about!

Miss Munro

Stars of the Week

Nursery: Henry H for continued progress in communication with adults and peers.

Reception: Eva W for being the perfect partner on the school trip to Cranleigh.

Year 1: Mac Y for paying lots of attention on our school trip and writing an accurate account of it.

Year 2: Remy M for showing resilience during challenging tasks.

Mrs Green

Performing Arts News

There are still a few tickets left for next week's Music evening on Friday 8th February. Grab yours while you can by emailing bookings@dokschool.org. There are 3 wonderful professional artists performing along with some of our very own Music GCSE pupils from Years 10 and 11.

In House Music the Houses have chosen their songs:

Armstrong - Don't Stop Believing by Journey

Hillary - Human by The Killers

Whittle - Feel It Still by Portugal The Man

Chichester - Good Day Sunshine by The Beatles

In the solo and group competition auditions are taking place almost every break now, so the Music Department is buzzing!

And finally, not that this is anything to do with anything but for all you Beatles fans it was fifty (yes fifty!) years ago yesterday that The Beatles performed their rooftop concert on the top of the Apple (the record company not the computer company!) building in London.

Mr Rye

E-Safety Tips

Ofcom have recently released a report into the attitudes and trends surrounding internet consumption in children between the ages of 3-15. Some of the findings are well known, such as the preferences in certain social media platforms and YouTube being the viewing platform of choice.

The most interesting read, however, is the second article into what children are watching and why. The report goes into a great amount of detail describing the appeal of on demand services such as YouTube, what types of videos children of various age ranges like to watch, and how children engage with different youtubers.

I would definitely recommend a read into both reports.

In addition, next Tuesday (5th February) marks this year's Safer Internet Day. Mr Southee and I will be seeing all pupils in the school at various points during the day and week to talk about important e-safety issues. Also try and engage with the day at home, by discussing these issues with your families.

Here are the reports in more detail:



Thanks for reading!

Mr Win-Pe

PADoK News


Book Club

Please join us at 8pm on Friday 1st March around the fire in old hall for our first book club meeting.

Our first book will be “Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine”, By Gail Honeyman.

Happy reading, we look forward to seeing you in March.

Mrs Trotman