Weekly Bulletin 10/06/2016

Shakespeare's Magical Globe

Year 7 were treated to an amazing day on the South Bank exploring The Globe and taking part in a workshop based on A Midsummer Night's Dream, prior to watching a performance of the play reimagined for a modern audience. This is the first production for new artistic director of The Globe, Emma Rice and it is spectacular.

We watched the performance as 'groundlings' right up close to and involved in the action on stage. Three hours flew by with an amazing set, costumes and acting making this a really memorable trip for all involved. Huge thanks to Mrs Douglas for organising a brilliant experience!

Mrs Brookes

Groundwork with Year 4

Earlier this week, Year 4 decided to help Mr Riches and Mr Finill by calculating the area and perimeter of the tennis courts. They also worked out how much paint would be needed to cover the courts, should they ever need re-painting, based upon 1 tin of paint covering 10 sqm. This then led them onto working out a budget for the paint based on a cost of £15 and £19 per tin, depending on the quality of the paint to be used. There was lots of good teamwork, trial and error, and calculating on display.

Mr Coote & Mrs Lock

Prep School Learn of the Battle of Lewes

6C gave a theatrical assembly this week, telling the story of the battle of Lewes in 1264. Battle was waged between Henry III (Bella) and Simon De Montfort (Ross). Upset at the King's scrapping of the Provisions of Oxford, favouring the French nobles at court and continuing to enforce unfair taxes, De Montfort and his men fought against King Henry and his son Prince Edward in the town of Lewes in East Sussex (or in this case the Junior Library). De Montfort's victory led the way to the creation of our parliament system in England, diminished the power of the crown and promoted democracy. Lines were delivered with aplomb by 6C, battle was fierce, and having recently studied some of the early Plantagenet Kings it was interesting to delve into a lesser-known, but not insignificant, medieval battle.

Mr Coote

PADoK News

Tickets for the next PADoK event:

Krypton Factor Evening

 Friday 24th June 

On sale NOW!

Please email PADoK (See details below) or contact your class rep to reserve your place for this hilarious, fantastic night out.

NEWSFLASH: Evening will be compared by the fabulous Guy Pakenham.