GCSE Students celebrate their results!

GCSE Results 2016

Congratulations to the Duke of Kent School Class of 2016 on an excellent set of GCSE results with 52% of all grades awarded at A*/A.

We are delighted to announce that 100% of our pupils have achieved the benchmark of 5 A* to C passes including IGCSE English Language (69%A*/A) and Mathematics (58% A*/A).

Art results were outstanding with 90% of grades at A*/A, 70% of which were awarded A*. Other highlights include Physics (61%A*/A), English Literature (61%A*/A) and Spanish (61%A*/A).

"It is an absolute delight to see our pupils achieving their ambitious goals. Their dedicated team of teachers have found them really stimulating to teach, and have enjoyed their intellectual curiosity, their creativity and their sense of fun. This year group have been fired up with a love of learning and have taken these exams in their stride.

We are so proud of both the strong bonds of friendship they enjoy and the way they have developed as distinct individuals. In their exceptional contribution to School life – in sport, art, music, drama, charity work, leadership responsibilities and the Duke of Edinburgh programme - they have shown us a heart of service and an excellent work ethic, both of which will stand them in great stead for future success.

As an inclusive school, we never lose sight of the personal triumphs behind the statistics. Amid all the A*s achieved, the single result I am celebrating most today is a C grade in Mathematics at the end of three years of outstanding effort by one of our students who found the subject a mountain of a challenge. His inspirational result shows just what can be achieved with the right attitude, hard work and support."

Judith Fremont-Barnes